Occupational Medical Advisor

Occupational Medical Advisor

We provide a Board-Certified Occupational Physician as a Consultant or Medical Advisor for the company. By utilizing our services, the company can have the advantage of access to a Medical Director without the cost of a full-time employee. This helps to keep small to medium sized companies competitive. We can provide medical audits and evaluations of current health practices to help assure the company meet both its business needs and regulatory compliance.

Larger companies may utilize the Medical Advisor to expand the medical department when needed for rapid turn-around or for large projects.


  • Management resource available on call as needed
  • Avoids cost of full-time regular employee
  • Helps company meet regulatory requirements
  • Helps evaluate workplace health risks and plan for mitigation
  • Pricing structure that is friendly to small and medium size enterprises

“Indirect costs of injuries are five times greater than the direct ones”
—Source: E.I.. DuPont


“Dr. Clyde has an easy-going style and a wealth of knowledge that fit well in support of our business. He has delivered everything from topical lunch and learns to expert advice on sensitive occupational medical issues for the company.  We are not big enough to afford a full time occupational medical doctor; having Dr. Clyde on retainer as part of the team has been a great value for us.”

— Mike Robles, Chief HR Officer

“It is with great pleasure that I write about my colleague and friend Dr. David Clyde. David embraces excellence on each and every level physician, manager and strategist. He is compassionate, thorough and uniquely able to articulate a plan to all constituencies. He is an active listener who is respected by all. I can recommend no one more highly.”

— Clarion Johnson, MD, Global Medical Director ExxonMobil Corporation (retired)

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